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Monday 2 September 2013

A Wednesday Evening at Bombay Spice

So on Wednesday evening I returned from my Jolates class somewhat weary, I had already done 40 minutes of hula hooping during the day and I was flagging. The idea of cooking just did not appeal so remembering that we had received a 50% off flyer through the door for Bombay Spice I thought, why not give it a go. Located in Clifton Village, an area possessing five curry venues, quite a number for a relatively small space, it is possibly sometimes overlooked for the excellent Brunel Raj but after Wednesday I urge you to give it a try.
Bombay Spice Bristol

A much larger dining room greeted us upon arrival and the welcome was warm and friendly, we chose a seat in the window and were given some menus. As well as the expected curry dishes they do a large number of specials and chef recommendations. After ordering our drinks we set about deciding what to eat out of the many choices. In the end we went for a couple of poppadoms each plus two of our favourites, a madras, but with lamb and Honey Chicken, which isn't a standard but we have found it at a couple of Indian restaurants, plus a peshwari naan and keema rice.
Bombay Spice Bristol
chutneys galore
The poppadoms were crisp, and when our waiter noticed the top poppadom had a big chip out of it he brought a replacement, which I thought was a nice touch. The chutneys were more or less the standard selection, the raita was a little different and not as minty which I personally preferred. Also was pleasing to be granted the rare presence of the fragrant desiccated coconut which is always a nice surprise on the chutney tray.  After we munched our way through the poppadoms we eagerly and hungrily awaited the arrival of the curries.
Bombay Spice Bristol
Lamb Madras and Honey Chicken
Bombay Spice Bristol

The curries arrived smelling delicious and we could not wait to get stuck in so we helped ourselves to spoonfuls of the thickly spiced sauces. We were blown away by the high quality of the curries at Bombay Spice, I was to be honest not really expecting more than your average curry house, but I am happy to report that I was wrong. The honey chicken was rich and sweet a perfect combination with the peshwari naan, it also was slightly better than my usual order of honey chicken from Roopsha, which is saying something. Rich and I usually order a mild and a hot curry to share and the lamb madras fitted that bill perfectly. It was hot but not blow your head off hot and had a pleasingly earthy flavour which you don't always get with madras. 

We were praising food all the way through the meal, which tells you just how good it was, in fact it will be first on my list to return to when I next fancy a curry. So if you find yourself looking for a new curry venue do check out Bombay Spice, the service and food far exceeded my expectations, it could possibly be a contender for Bristol's best curry. I am craving curry as I write up this review, practically drooling on my keyboard in fact. Bombay Spice also offers a takeaway service with 20% off, if you feel tempted check out their menu

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