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Monday 16 September 2013

Best Cheap Eats in Bristol

Have you often wondered where to find cheap eats in Bristol? It's that time of year again where new Bristol Uni students come wide eyed to gaze upon with wonder at the greatness that is Bristol and start to think about where they can spend all their student loan. What with the on coming Autumnal weather we will all be looking to keep warm and cosy. So students and residents of Bristol so without further ado I present to you, cheap ways to keep warm via the medium of food.  To keep track I shall split it into two sections, so you can hunt down bargains for both lunch and dinner.

Looking for a tasty and filling lunch that won't cost the earth? Below you will find filling bargains that are all under £10 but some even under £5. Most of these recommendations will have links to the full reviews so you can find out a little bit more. 
Students, St Nick's Market is a goldmine of hot, cheap and filling eats, but obviously I cannot list them all but here are my favourites.

Al Bab Mansour
Lovely hot and fresh Moroccan food which is nicely spiced and generous portions. Plus there are healthy vegetarian options, I particularly like the chickpea casserole. Prices start at £4 if you want to see a little more check out the review.
Moroccan Food Bristol

A Bristol legend that has had success nationwide their pies are simply amazing my personal favourite is the Moo & Blue, which has just made a return but you can't go wrong with Chicken of Aragon or Matador either. Plus Tuesdays they have the Mothership deal which is a pie, mash, peas, cheese, crispy onions and gravy all for just £5, what more could you want on a cold Autumn day? To see all the varieties of pie visit their website.

There is always a queue here but if you are patient and time it right you will be rewarded with the tastiest lunch. Middle Eastern flatbreads, salad boxes all filled with tasty grilled meats, salads and dollops of hummus and harissa. Full review available with mouthwatering photos here.
Matina Middle Eastern Food Bristol

Sandwich Sandwich
A new comer to the lunch scene but nevertheless Sandwich Sandwich is already very popular, and for good reason a huge choice and there will be something for every sandwich lover. Salad boxes, make your own creations so you can go wild with all the choice, all the bread is freshly made and the fillings are so tasty it is fast becoming one of my favourite places. Highly recommend the filled flatbreads they are immense and for around £4-£5 are very good value.
Sandwich Sandwich Bristol

4500 Miles From Delhi
For those of you looking for something more leisurely and filling then you can get a rather good deal at 4500 Miles From Delhi. For £7.95 you can get the two course lunch buffet and eat as much curry as you can manage. The selection isn't massive but the food is well cooked, flavoured and tasty so you will get a very full belly for the rest of the day and hopefully find somewhere to snooze it off.

Mi Casa at The Big Chill
The food here at the Big Chill (run by Mi Casa) is a real delight and very reasonable, most sandwiches are about £5-£7 and are simply enormous, the menu does change around a bit but when I visited I had a wonderful chicken thigh and chorizo sandwich with chipotle mayo, you do not need chips too, well unless you are ravenous.
Mi Casa Bristol

Thinking of treating yourselves to dinner out but find you have more moths than money in your wallet, in the next two sections will cover where to grab a bargain in Clifton/Cotham and Gloucester Road way and all around the £10-15 mark.

Matching up bargains with Clifton/Cotham might seem as unlikely as an oasis in a desert but it can be done if you shop around a little.

Falafel King
Still Queen of my heart as far as falafels are concerned this little gem on Cotham Hill really does offer excellent value for money, you can order a pitta stuffed with falafels and salad for just £3.95 and they are deceptively filling, also if you fancy hanging around there is often live music down stairs. Full review and photos available here.

Excellent pizzas, some of the best in Bristol bar Pepenero (also recommended) but on Monday's Beerd offers a buy one get one free deal to get people through the door, when pizzas are basically knocked down to £5 it cannot be ignored.
Beerd Pizza Deal Bristol

Thai Pepper
Cute little BYOB on Gloucester Road that offers some pretty tasty Thai food for knock down prices, last time we went we had two courses plus wine corkage fee for £14 each, it's not super fancy inside but Thai Pepper will feed you well and won't break the bank.

Easily the best Chinese food in Bristol and hidden away under the Bearpit. The food is authentic and generously portioned be adventurous and order off the Chinese menu you won't be disappointed, I particularly recommend the three roasties, full review here.

The Burger Joint
For the best burger experience check out the Burger Joint on Whiteladies road. Seriously good burgers and all just under £15 with a drink. If you are a big fan of chicken wings they do the biggest and tastiest ones I have ever had. What are you waiting for? 
Burger Joint Bristol

The Gallimaufry
Want something a little bit more fancy but still not budget breaking the lovely people at the Gallimaufry or Galli to most of us now, offer a small plates menu 3 for £10 where you get some lovely dishes in a fun and quirky venue. Even the evening menu no main goes above £12, which is rather reassuring to those of us with little pockets.

There were so many places to choose from, Bristol is really spoiled for choice when it comes to independent restaurants but I tried to stick to a strict budget and food that would also be pretty filling, as that is what we are all looking for when it starts to get colder. Money is tight for students and non students alike but it is still nice to know you can get some really good Winter fuel food at a good price. 

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