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Monday 9 September 2013

A Pre-Kitten Munch at Meat & Bread

So last week I was feeling a bit in need of cheering up and there are three things that will do that, a hug, comfort food and cats. I find myself in a state bereft of cats currently, the flat doesn't have a garden and I like my kitties free range. But one of my new favourite pubs in Bristol, the Bag of Nails does have two resident pub cats, Malcolm and Beresford (or Berry), and these two sweet cats have recently become parents to 5 adorable kittens. If you are expecting to see hoards of kitten photos in this post I am sorry to tell you but I didn't take any photos they were moving too fast and I didn't want to scare them, however if you go to the Bag of Nails Facebook page you can find plenty on there to wet your kitten appetite.

Before going to see lovely bundles of fluff Rich decided that Phil and I must go to Meat and Bread for a spot of dinner. Rich had sampled the jerk chicken sandwich here a few weeks back and raved about it ever since, particularly the banana ketchup so we walked along to the Three Tuns to give it a go.  The menu gives you about 4 options all sounded mouthwatering but I was particularly drawn to the Southern fried chicken with coleslaw and mango hot sauce, but Phil and Rich ordered the jerk chicken with banana ketchup and hot sauce, promising I could have a sample, plus some fries to share.
Meat and Bread Bristol
jerk chicken meat and bread style
Meat and Bread Bristol
now that is a sandwich
Meat and Bread Bristol
fries galore
So the verdict? Delicious, as if you doubted it. Although if you are very sensitive to spice then these particular choices might not be for you. The mango hot sauce in my Southern fried chicken sandwich was pretty hot but I powered on through and was rewarded with one tasty sandwich, the chicken was so crispy it was a great contrast with the soft bread.

I think the jerk chicken, of which Phil and I swapped a 1/3rd of each others sandwiches, just pipped my choice to the post. It was full of the jerk flavour and enhanced by the banana ketchup which was different but really enjoyable. In both sandwiches the chicken was plentiful and wonderfully juicy, that's what you get for using thigh meat, I only use thighs now when I cook chicken. My only slight complaint is about the fries, for me they were way too salty and had us drinking more water than usual. In fact I would argue the sandwiches are so large you definitely don't need an individual portion of chips, two between three of us was more than enough.

So please if you haven't visited Meat and Bread give it a go if you are a fan of all things meaty and sandwich based, it will be some of the finest examples of flavour combinations ever to grace bread and around the £5-6 mark the value is phenomenal. What is also rather pleasing is that you are not restricted to popping up at lunchtime and to avoid weekend rushes I recommend a week day evening visit. To check out what Meat and Bread have to offer visit their website. Next blog will be my last week chow down at Bao Wow.

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  1. I dream of the fried chicken sandwhich! I had it at Bristol Eats and was so good!

    FoodNerd x